Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Henry III of England was born - 1207

Henry III of England was born on October 1, 1207 at Winchester, England. He ruled England from 1216 to 1272. He succeeded his father King John at age nine, but his royal powers were controlled by regency until he reached maturity in 1234. His financial commitments to the papacy and his foreign favorites antagonized the barons who issued the Provisions of Oxford in 1258, limiting the king's power. Henry's refusal to accept the provisions led to the second Barons' War in 1264, a revolt of nobles led by his brother-in-law Simon de Montfort. Henry was defeated at Lewes, Sussex, and imprisoned, but restored to the throne after the royalist victory at Evesham in 1265. On his release Henry was weak and senile and his eldest son, the future Edward I, took charge of the government. Henry III died on November 16, 1272 and was buried at Westminster Abbey.
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