Monday, February 10, 2014

Welsh Novelist Howard Spring was Born - 1889

Welsh novelist, journalist and literary critic Howard Spring was born on February 10, 1889 in Cardiff, Wales. His family were extremely poor and the nine children and their parents lived in a small, two bedroomed house. The situation was made even worse when Howard's father died when he was still at school and his mother was forced to take in washing to earn some money. When he was twelve years old he left school and found work as an errand boy at a butcher's shop that involved carrying heavy joints to customers' houses. Later he obtained a post as an office-boy at an accountants in Cardiff Docks. Spring then found work as a messenger boy at the South Wales Daily News. He taught himself shorthand and attended night school to improve his education. Spring eventually joined the reporting staff of the newspaper. In 1911 began work for the Yorkshire Observer. Spring moved to the Manchester Guardian in 1915 and stayed for over fifteen years. He reported on World War I and during the conflict worked for the British Intelligence Department in France. In 1930 Spring joined the Evening Standard and became the newspaper's chief book reviewer. He also wrote several best-selling novels that included Shabby Tiger (1934), My Son, My Son (1938), The Houses in Between (1951), and I Met a Lady (1961). He also wrote two volumes of autobiography. He died from a stroke on May 3, 1965.
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