Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Novelist Margaret Storm Jameson was Born - 1891

Novelist Margaret Storm Jameson was born on January 8, 1891 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. Her father and grandfather were successful shipbuilders. She studied at University of Leeds and was elected Secretary of the Women's Representative Council. Jameson became a socialist and was a strong advocate of women having the right to vote. After obtaining a degree in English, she moved to London and became active in politics. On January 15, 1913, she married Charles Douglas Clarke, a fellow student at the University of Leeds. Jameson had two articles published in New Age. The first was an attack on the work of George Bernard Shaw. She criticized his plays for their "poor characterization" and for the "half-baked ideas" that had come from his membership of the Fabian Society. The second article dealt with the unfairness of marriage laws. Jameson also wrote an article for The Egotist that explored the radical political ideas of Emma Goldman. Her first novel, The Pot Boils, was published in 1919. Her marriage to Charles Douglas Clarke came to an end and in January 1924 she met Guy Chapman. They soon began a relationship and married on February 1, 1926. Jameson continued to write novels, including a trilogy about a family of Yorkshire shipbuilders: The Lovely Ship (1927), The Voyage Home (1930) and A Richer Dust (1931). Other books include Women Against Men (1933), Company Parade (1934), Love in Winter (1935), and None Turn Back (1936). Jameson also published poems, essays, biographies and several volumes of autobiography. She died on September 30, 1986.
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