Monday, December 23, 2013

English Poet Michael Drayton Died - 1631

English poet Michael Drayton died on December 23, 1631 in London. He was the first poet to write odes in English in the manner of Horace. He was born in 1563 in Hartshill, England. Drayton spent his early years in the service of Sir Henry Goodere, to whom he owed his education. His first published work, The Harmonie of the Church was published in 1591 and was written in an antiquated style. His next works such as Idea, The Shepheards Garland (1593), were written in a more contemporary style. Other notable works included the sonnet with Ideas Mirrour (1594), Endimion and Phoebe (1595), Robert, Duke of Normandy (1596) and Mortimeriados (1596). Following his death in 1631, Drayton was interred within Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey.
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