Monday, March 4, 2013

British Poet & Playwright Thomas Sturge Moore was Born - 1870

British poet and playwright Thomas Sturge Moore was born March 4, 1870. He was educated at Dulwich College, the Croydon Art School and Lambeth Art School. Moore was a long-term friend and correspondent of William Butler Yeats. He was a prolific poet and his subjects included, morality, and art. His first pamphlet, Two Poems, was printed privately in 1893 and his first book of verse, The Vinedresser, was published in 1899. His love for poetry led him to become an active member of the Poetry Recital Society. He adopted the name 'Sturge' as a way of avoiding confusion with the poet Thomas Moore. His first (of 31) plays to be produced was Aphrodite against Artemis (1906), staged by the Literary Theatre Club of which he became a member in 1908. He received a civil list pension in 1920 in recognition for his contribution to literature and in 1930 he was nominated as one of seven candidates for the position of Poet Laureate. He died on July 18, 1944. 
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